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Free Video - How will a Provisional Patent help me? 

A Provisional Patent grants you some low-cost patent pending while you launch and test your invention or service. 

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Low Cost

This course costs just $19.99pm. You can protect your precious ideas and then pitch or sell them with confidence, knowing you have adequate protection. You'll be glad you took this course.


Provisional Patents are easy to write and they're easy to file. This course includes templates, guides, and video demonstrations for EVERYTHING you need. Patent pending status is incredibly useful!


Your Provisional Patent is always accepted. Once it's filed online through the patent office website you can start using 'patent pending' straight away! There's no review process or delay.

Free Video - The core rules and perks of a Provisional Patent

A summary of the great rules and benefits we're going to use. Provisional Patents can be the difference between success and failure.

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Free Video - Why test my idea before buying expensive patents?

12 months patent pending is precious time to test your invention or service before investing large amounts of money.

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Are you serious about making it happen, or just window shopping?

It's time to make a choice. Shall I procrastinate for another 6 months, or take some real action? Your dream business isn't going to make itself. Getting patent pending on your invention or service is some real action. You can then share it with designers, manufacturers, investors, licensees... all sorts of people that can help make it a reality.


Free Video - How to get your searching done for free

Our goal is to save you time and money, and we're very good at it! You'll receive heaps of quality advice with this course. Sign up now.

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Would you prefer for us to write and file your Provisional Patent for you? We're happy to help.

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